Encounter Lent 2018-Week #4

Portrait Of Joseph Andrise, 29, A Teacher From Notre Dame De Lamerci De Robillard School, In Nord Department, Haiti, Seen With Her Students Of First Grade In The Classroom. 

“Education Is The Foundation Of Everything,” Says Andrise. She’s Been Teaching At The Same Elementary School She Graduated From For Eleven Years. But A Lot Has Changed Since She Was A Student. New Teaching Techniques And Resources Are Revolutionizing How Students Learn And How Teachers Teach. “We Use Poems, Dances, Songs—all Sorts Of Activities To Help The Students Improve Their Literacy,” She Says. Catholic Relief Services In Partnership With The Diocesan Office Of The Catholic Education Commission, Are Implementing The Program Haiti Reads. Every Student Receives A New Workbook To Practice Their Reading And Writing. This Is A Big Change From Before, When Students Had To Copy Notes From The Board. “Now, All The Students Are Able To Learn At The Same Time,” Andrise Says. She Is Getting Benefits, Too, As She Receives Frequent Teacher Trainings. Last Year, The Parish Priest Named Her Teacher Of The Year.  The New Techniques Are Working; Andrise’s Classroom Is A High-energy Place. And The Students Love It.

Call to Family, Community and Participation

Catholic social teaching inspires and guides how we are to live and work in the world. In this principle, Call to Family, Community and Participation, we remember that human beings are social by nature-we need each other. We, like the early disciples, are called to come together and grow as a community-whether that community is in our classroom, workplace or family.

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